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Focusing on the human element of business  I partner with organisations to develop the capability of their teams and their leadership group.

I provide innovative, impactful, and insightful learning opportunities to businesses and organisations giving their teams a chance to explore what it takes to perform at their best.

Developing the capability of your teams improves employee engagement, builds stronger teams, increases sales, positively enhances company culture, and produces amazing customer experiences. Your organisation must make the most out of every human interaction that takes place internally and externally.


My Leadership Unlocked podcast  interviews today’s leaders. Whether they are running a privately owned business, leading a team within an organization, or heading up not for profits they all have people they lead and manage.

What have they learned about leading a team? What are some of the techniques they have used to get the best from their teams? How have they handled the difficult conversations with team members?

This podcast is a relaxed interview style format that is perfect to listen to whilst you are heading to and from work. I hope you love to learn from others and their experiences.

Coaching & Mentoring

You are a content expert – I am a learning specialist. I work closely with you to bring your content to life. We will explore different ways to get your content to stick after all you want your audience to do, think, or feel different after they have experienced your content.

I will look at your keynote to ensure there is a logical flow. We can explore ways to present your content online (not just Zoom). What about a podcast? What about Instagram stories?

Depending on the outcomes you are looking to achieve we can put together a strategy that has your audience learning and implementing change in their lives or organisations. Call me to discuss what you are looking to do differently and we can see if there is a fit. 

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Conference & Events

One way to give your participants more value when attending a conference or an event is to incorporate innovative learning into the event.

I have never been happy with people saying “if I only get one thing from today it is worth it”. People are paying good money to attend your conference – they should get far more from it than one piece of learning.

When I MC an event I add learning moments. When I help pull together an event for you I am looking out for opportunities for people to have moments of inspiration and learning. I am looking at how the conference or event impacts people positively and sparks action. 

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We recently had Craig from Human Interactions kick off our Strategy Session with 31 members of our leadership team. His energy and enthusiasm had a positive impact on the remainder of the 2 days we spent together. Key points from Craig’s session were reinforced and referred to during our 2 days, enabling the team to communicate more effectively. He has a relaxed yet professional style that is incredibly genuine and authentic.


CEO, Harders

Craig delivered an outstanding workshop for my team. He was highly engaging and entertaining. The team found the session insightful and fun. Human Interactions understood the brief perfectly, focusing on improving collaboration and cross-functional communication. We have already seen improvements in the way people leverage the theory of Catalyst to approach challenging conversations internally and with customers. I would highly recommend them if you’re seeking a fun, meaningful, and insightful way to engage with your team.


Director of Services, WalkMe

Thank you for hosting and enlightening us. I left feeling inspired as you were able to engage and make this workshop enjoyable whilst relatable. We discussed the workshop in the management meeting this week and I got the same feedback all around. Fredrik mentioned he usually is exhausted after workshops like this but he felt uplifted and in high spirits which is great!


HR Director, Lowa Lighting

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